Improving Sexual Health Education

We're working on the project titled "Improving Sexual Health Education among adolescent in Tanzania through Game-Based Learning (GBL) and Gamification"

About AHILA TZ Chapter

A Tanzania AHILA Chapter (TZ-AHILA) has been formed and has so far carried out some activities such as preparing a brochure, recruitment...

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AHILA TZ Chapter Vision

Leader in promoting access and use of health information in Tanzania and Africa

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AHILA TZ Chapter Aims & Objectives

Improve provision of up-to-date and relevant health information, Encourage professional development of health librarians, Promote resource sharing in Africa and exchange of...

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About TZ


There is only no other African country  possibly no other place in the world that holds a natural variety and largesse comparable to Tanzania. From the snow-capped majesty of Kilimanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain on earth, to the forested shores of Lake Tanganyika, the world’s longest, second-deepest and least-polluted freshwater body, this is a land of astonishing pretty beauty.